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אירועים פרטיים

המקום לאירועים מיוחדים

Outdoor Courtyard

With our Outdoor Courtyard, your guests will truly be stunned. The talented production staff at הגג של יפו is here for your every need. We want all of our clients to succeed and host the best events possible. Our Outdoor Courtyard is just what you have been looking for to wow the crowd and leave an everlasting memory in their mind.

Main Stage

Have your event look and sound good. We have state-of-the-art facilities to make it happen. Work with our experienced team to shape your event into all that you have ever wanted. Together, we’ll create an event that you’ll be proud of from start to finish. Contact us to see how our Main Stage can truly help your next event come to life.

Grand Lobby

Built with the performer and audience in mind, our Grand Lobby is great for any kind of event. Our Grand Lobby is available to all of our clients who wish to to produce the best event possible. The world of entertainment is at your fingertips. Simply contact us today to see how you can start benefitting from our incredible Grand Lobby and other facilities today.

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